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Title – Myat Lay Ngone
Artist -Mayla ThanZin



For those of you who are afraid of the dark

There are stars

Love and laughter without strings attached

We will bond

Rooted in the clouds

In the heavenly garden

A woman

Everyone who wants to be beautiful is beautiful

The closer the mountains are, the higher they are

Don’t take it easy

Because wealth is zero

Don’t see love and guilt

Because the sound is exhausted

If only the longing can be satisfied

This summer

I’m just an egg

I want to be…

To have dreams about him at night

I can’t do it

After the love journey

I can’t go back

A little rose

I remember it too much and I miss it

Eat your own rice

I miss other people’s children…

To give light in every dark time

Like a candle

He will burn…

To fill the gaps in life

which you gave me

The meaning of love…

Two little birds stuck together

Floating in the air

Did you see my love?

You look up

Just like you and me

I would die without you…

Love is sweet and bitter

Do not divide the taste

Formerly an atheist

I learned to worship you

You have to put your hair behind your ears

Every time is a day

It’s a day I don’t see

How many seasons?

I want to sit and squeeze your cheeks forever


Trying now

I have a stable job

After my mother, you

Do you know what is the most loved?

I always dream…

When you wake up, you’re not there

Every time I wake up and open my eyes

You don’t know I’m looking for you

You are a rosebud

I’m a prick, my love

In every breath

I love you so much

Surrender and surrender


In the problem of cold love

Like a crazy person

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